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Quick Tips

Below are some descriptions of the icons and tools you may observe and use:

Print  Printing - When printing a report it is a good idea to view the document in PDF format by clicking on the ‘View in PDF Format' icon. This will open a new window with the resulting PDF. You can then print directly from the PDF by clicking on the accompanying print icon. This method provides a more professional finish. Additionally, it provides the option of saving the PDF to disk. However, you may also print directly from the screen via the Print feature of Internet Explorer.

 Back button - Avoid using your browser's Back button where possible. Use the Main Menu link or navigate to the different windows through the Taskbar, where possible. Use the Main Menu link to be taken to the Report View - School and Board Reports Home Page.

Save  Save the document as a report view - This enables the user to store the report to the My Folders tab within ReportNet for future use or examination. The steps to Save a Report are as follows:

  • After running a report, click on the Save as Report View icon. The Save as report view dialogue box appears. 
  • At Name: enter a meaningful report name that you will be able to recognize. 
  • At Locations: click on Select My Folders and then click OK
  • Navigate to the window Default Home - Cognos Connection... At the top left hand corner, click the My Folders tab. 
  • In My Folders, click the Run with options button under Actions (on the right side of the window) on the same line as the report you want to run. 
  • The Run with options dialog box appears. 
  • Under Format, click on the down-arrow and choose the appropriate format.
  • Under Delivery, click the desired radio button (i.e. View the report now, Save the report, etc.)
  • Upon completing options, click Run
  • On the following screen, choose the same report specifications as the previous report. 
  • Click Finish and OK, if prompted.
  • To view the saved report: Click the Refresh icon and then click on the View the output version for this report icon.. 
  • You can now access the report output without running it again.

Email  Send the report by email - enables the user to share the report by email.

  • To send the report by email, click on the Email Report icon. The Set the email options dialogue box appears.
  • In the box below the title, type the email address of the report recipient. If there is more than one recipient, separate the email addresses with a semi-colon. 
  • If you wish to send a written message along with the report, enter the information in the Body: text box.
  • Under the Body: box, there are two options for including the report. Include a link to the report or Attach the report. If you place a checkmark for Include a link to the report, the report will be emailed with an HTML link which appears in the body of the email message. Only clients with Cognos ReportNet access will be able to use the HTML link. If you choose Attach the report and do not include anything in the Body: section, the report will be embedded in the body of the email. Otherwise, it will be included as a separate attachment (in HTML format).
  • Click the OK button to send the email. (You do not need to start up your Outlook account for the email to be sent.) 

Run  Run - This is a great shortcut when you would like to rerun a report and change some of the detailed options (i.e. you would like to view the same school, grade, and year but would like to view an alternative subject).

  • To view other subjects for the same student group, in the overall summary page click the Run button (at the top right hand corner of the screen), and then reselect the subject name from the drop down list. Most reports provide you with the ability to change the options from within the report so that you do not have to re-run the report from the prompt page.

HTML  View in HTML format - This is the current default (i.e. all reports are viewed in HTML format unless otherwise specified).

View in Excel  View in Excel formats:

  • View in Excel 2000 Format - This enables the user to download summary tables/graphs into an Excel 2000 spreadsheet. Please note: Depending on your Internet Explorer options, you may not be able to view in Excel format.
  • View in Excel 2002 Format - This enables the user to download summary tables/graphs into an Excel 2002 spreadsheet. Please note: depending on your Internet Explorer options, you may not be able to view in Excel format.

When finished using Cognos ReportNet, click Log off on the upper left of the window of the Main Menu or close the window(s).



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