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Run a Report

Here you will learn how to run a report.

To run a report, simply click on the report of your choice. A new window will open for the report you selected. If a new window does not appear, check the light yellow message bar on your browser. You may have to allow pop-ups by right-clicking in the top menu bar where the error appears. Select Always Allow Pop-ups from This Site... and re-select the report link.


Once you have finished with the report, you may close the window by clicking on the X in the top right hand corner of your window.

Click other links on the Report Viewer for other reports. A new window will open for every report that you generate.  

Sample Report Walkthrough

Below is a sample walk through for one of the Elementary School Reports. The process for other reports is similar in structure (i.e. use of drop-down menus, hyperlinks, additional windows, etc.)

  • Underneath the heading of Elementary School Reports, click on the hyperlink for ‘Elementary Report Card Summary'. The following screen will appear. Maximize the window if necessary.

Elementary Report Card Summary

  • Under Please Select the Report Type: choose either Historical Student Enrollment or Current Student Enrollment (see REPORT PARAMETERS DEFINITIONS on page 13 for more details). Under Please Select Report Parameters, you will find five (5) drop-down menus:
    • School: Click on the down arrow beside ‘School' and select your school. If there are numerous schools listed, to highlight a particular school quicker, you may enter the first letter of your school and then scroll to the desired school.
    • School Year: Click on the down arrow to scroll down and select the appropriate school year.
  • Using the same method, continue to select:
    • Term
    • Grade
    • Achievement

Your screen will resemble something similar to below but with your own school name:

Populated Elemetntary Report Card Summary

  •  All the fields must contain a selection from you in order for the Finish button to appear. Click on the Finish button to run the report. Please be patient as this may take a few moments. Upon processing, your report should resemble something similar to below.

Results Elementary Report Card

  • The report outcome consists of three parts - Parameters, Main Summary and Trends.
  • If you require more specific breakdowns, you may select additional criteria under Comparison Options (in the Report Parameters section) and choose the Submit button. You can choose multiple filters for your report but only one comparison can be selected. Selecting an incorrect parameter could result in either false data or a blank report. If your report returns no data, verify your parameters selected.
  • From this page, you can click on any of the blue highlighted numbers in the columns in the available tables. This will open a new window that lists students in your school based on that particular group.
  • The trending section also provides you with options in the drop down menu to see view cohort or historical data by term, year or by achievement results
  • Within this new window listing students, if you are unable to see all the students in the list, use the navigational options at the bottom left corner of the screen. Page down will move down 30 names at a time, Bottom will take you to the last 30 student names, Top takes you back to the first 30 student names and Page Up will preview the previous 30 student names.

Bottom of Screen

  • From the page containing the student names, you can continue to drill-down even further and obtain particular Student Profiles by selecting any of the names that are highlighted blue and underlined.
  • After clicking an individual student name, another new window will open and take you to the detailed student level, permitting you to view the student's academic history in our system.
  • Please Note: The student names which are not highlighted, underlined in blue, and appear in black lettering are the names of students who are no longer enrolled in your school. These students currently have an inactive status in your school and therefore you cannot drill down to view their academic history. Students may also appear in the list as ‘no access' indicating that you do not have the security privileges to view their student information.
  • To navigate throughout the Student Profile, you may either scroll via use of the vertical scroll bar or choose the blue hyperlinked categories listed underneath the Student Profile details (i.e. PM Benchmark, Other Assessments, etc.)
  • Once finished with a Student Profile, click on the X in top right hand corner of the browser window to close the window.
  • To view additional students, click on Windows XP's blue Taskbar on the bottom of the screen and navigate to the previously generated report listing all the Student names.
  • To return to the Report Viewer - School and Board Reports main page, click on the blue hyperlink in the top right-hand corner that reads Main Menu.



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