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Logging On

Below you will notice the ‘Log on' page once you have entered the website address listed previously. Your User ID and password are the same User ID and password you use to log-on to your board (if applicable, the YRDSB network or assigned to you through your NOEL administrator).

  Image of Sign On Screen

 Your access to information within this site is defined at the Board and is based upon your role. If, upon logging in, your school is not listed, please call the Helpdesk (Ext 4357 for YRDSB or for NOEL, email your MISA leader).

It is extremely important that you do not share your password with anyone else and that you ensure the privacy and confidentiality of student data by keeping your password safe and secure.

The Report Viewer - School and Board Reports main page will appear as soon as you log in (see below). From this page, you may access all of the available reports by selecting the hyperlinks.

If you are prompted to create your own password, you will need to ensure that it is a minimum of 7 characters in length and has upper and lowercase letters and at least one number (i.e. Bradl3y would work because it meets all of the criteria).

 York Reporting Tool Home Page


Noel Reporting Tool Home Page


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