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Before You Start

Minimum System Requirements - YRDSB:

- All that is needed is a computer and internet browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or better) that is connected to the Board network. In other words, if you wish to use Cognos ReportNet from a site other than the Board, you will need to tunnel into the Board network.

Minimum System Requirements - NOEL:

- All that is needed is a computer and internet browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or better)
- For MAC users, Cognos supports Firefox version 1.5

Optimum Viewing Settings:

- Take the mouse and right click any where on the desktop. Choose Properties.
- Click the Settings tab. Under Screen Resolution move the arrow so it reads 1024 x 768 pixels. Click Apply. If prompted Do you want to keep these settings, choose Yes. Then click OK.
- Please note that you may need to repeat the above steps to change this setting back to 800 x 600 pixels for other applications.

Accessing the main website from Internet Explorer:

- For YRDSB: Type in the address: and hit Enter.  Alternatively, on the BWW, from the Online Tools tab, there is a link, listed as Cognos ReportNet Web
- For NOEL:  Type in the address: and hit Enter.

Saving the Cognos ReportNet website in your Favourites:

- Take the cursor (mouse) up to the menu bar, click Favourites.
- Scroll down and click Add to Favourites.
- You may wish to change the default name to your choice (e.g. Cognos ReportNet)
- Click OK.
- This has now been saved in your Favourites.
- To access this website in the future, simply open Internet Explorer and click on Favourites and scroll down and click on "Cognos ReportNet" or the name you chose above. You will automatically be taken to the website.

Internet Explorer Print Setup:

- Launch Internet Explorer.
- Choose File | Page Setup.
- Blank out the header and footer areas so that text does not print around the edges of the pages and change all the margin settings to 0.75", click OK.

Browser pop-ups:

- The generated reports open up with new windows, so you may find that a pop-up blocker may inhibit the new window from appearing. A yellow bar should appear in the top menu bar. Click on the yellow bar and choose Always Allow Pop-ups from This Site.
- You will then need to re-select the report link.

Last modified: Monday, 24 January 2011, 06:52 PM
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