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User's Manual - Introduction

Cognos/ReportNet is web-based Business Intelligence (BI) software that has been developed as a tool for principals and superintendent to summarize information about students, schools, Community Education Centres (CEC/regions) and internal operations in ways that support improved student performance. YRDSB and the eight school boards within the NOEL consortium (now the NOEL York Consortium - NYC) have collaborated on Reporting and Data Warehouse Solutions to support the Ministry's MISA (Managing Information for Student Achievement) Initiative. With reports jointly designed and created by Information Technology Services and Research & Assessment Services, this BI tool takes the volume of data the Board and schools collect and store, and turns it into meaningful information that supports evidence informed decision making and facilitates access to information to support the school planning process. This tool will provide access to accurate and powerful information to identify trends and more easily identify students who may be struggling academically, in a timely fashion.

The reports created with Cognos/ReportNet are aligned with the core data sets outlined in the school planning resource, Review and Renewal: A Toolkit for School Improvement. Cognos/ReportNet simplifies access to these core data sets - including attendance and academic achievement such as EQAO, Report Card, PM Benchmark and accumulated credits - and allows the user to view the data in summary reports that are practical and user-friendly.

Cognos/ReportNet also enables user-friendly ‘drill-down' functionality. This means that the user can view results at the school level and then click on links that allow the user to move easily from school level reports to reports listing all of the students meeting user-selected criteria (e.g. students with level 2 achievement on the report card in reading; students who failed grade 9 applied mathematics, etc.) and finally, to detailed profiles of the academic history of individual students who meet the same user-defined criteria.

 There are three panels of information available:

  1. Elementary School Reports
  2. Secondary Reports
  3. General Reports
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