Create Your School Profile - Elementary


EQAO, PM Benchmark, DRA

These class profiles will display all achievement data for students in a single class.


  1. Log in to Cognos/ReportNet
  2. Select the  Elementary Class Profile Report 
  3. Elem Class Profile 

  4. Select the following parameters -

    •  Your Board, Your School, 2009-2010 (the date will determine the most recent results to display)
    •  Term 3, English Reading, One or All Grades
    •  All Classes (to select one class, select the Refresh Class and the drop down will update your classes
       based on the grade selected above) 
    •  By default the order by will sort by grade and student but this can be changed by selecting another 
       option in the order by drop down. 
    •  Select the Assessments you would like to see displayed on the report.
    •  FINISH

    Report Parameters

    These are the results of your currently enrolled students in the grade/class selected for Report Card, EQAO, DRA and PM Benchmark


    The most recent individual report card results will display - green = improved from previous, black = no change from previous, red = declined from previous

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