Create Your School Profile -  Elementary Report Card


Report Card Data from June

This will track students who have been in the school over the period for reading only.


  1. Log in to Cognos/ReportNet
  2. Go to Compass for Success – Elem and select the Report Card Tab with the parameters below  OR
  3. Select the Elementary Report Card Summary
  4. SLA Elem Report Card Summary

  5. Select the following parameters -
  • Historical (to display active and inactive students - Mark Analysis)
  • Your Board, Your School
  • 2009-2010, Term 3
  • Select a grade, or grade group or All Grades, Reading
  • FINISH  

    This is displaying the Reading - Report Card results for students in June last year.

SLA June Results

Note:  When 'All Grades' is selected, the trending will not display.  Change the selection to a single grade to display the trend.



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