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Activity #1 - Data in Professional Life

Consider an example in your professional life when the use of data was critical to the improvement of student learning.

  1. What was the question or issue that prompted the search for data?
  2. What was the source of the data?
  3. What were the findings from the data?
  4. What decision was reached or action taken?
  5. How did the data impact the quality of the decision or action?
  6. What reflections about the experience can you share?

Complete Activity #1 - Data in Professional Life

Activity #2 - Data-Driven Leadership

The Principal as a Visible Leader

  1. How can the principal create the kind of school that is focused on using data to create meanings for the staff?
  2. How can the principal foster a school culture where professional discussions about student achievement and instruction are regular parts of every school day?

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Complete Activity #2 - Data-Driven Leadership

Activity #3 - Linking Research to Practice

Complete Activity #3 - Linking Research to Practice

Activity #4 - School Plan for Continuous Improvment - Data Measures

Use this list to consider possible data sources available to you whenever you are analyzing data individually or with staff. This list is also helpful when developing your school plan and considering the evidence available to monitor progress.

Complete Activity #4 - School Plan for Continuous Improvment - Data Measures

Activity #5 - A Culture of Inquiry

Asking Effective, probing questions leads to strategic and goal-oriented effort. Neglecting these questions or accepting superficial answers leads to (a) a focus on activity rather than a focus on achievement (b) a model of reaction rather than one of prevention. This activity will guide you through a series of questions to unpack your own data to help you dig deeper allowing you to look for connections, patterns and trends.

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Complete Activity #5 - A Culture of Inquiry

Activity #6 - Data and Student Learning

This activity will help to explore ways to enhance the assessment literacy of students and build skills to foster interactions with teachers using data with a focus on assessment literacy.

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Complete Activity #6 - Data and Student Learning

Activity #7 - Research to Practice - What Works

This activity guides the principal through a process to lead the staff in determining priorities for improving instruction.

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Complete Activity #7 - Research to Practice - What Works

Activity #8 - An Ideal Assessment System

This activity provides an open discussion with staff on the creation of the perfect assessment system.

  1. What are the necessary conditions to create this for the future? What would have to change?
  2. Using Activity #8, explore the different visions of an ideal assessment system.
  3. Are there similarities in the pictures on an ideal future with your staff? What are the differences? Are there any conflicting views about what the future of assessment should be?

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Complete Activity #8 - An Ideal Assessment System

Activity #9 - Reflection on Learning

This activity provides an opportunity for you and your staff to reflect on what you have learned by participating in these activities on effective data use. This activity can be used after completing all the activities on this page or at the end of one of the activities to provide an opportunity for reflection.

 Complete Activity #9 - Reflection on Learning

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