Elementary Workshop Activity 


 This workshop activity will guide you through the Framework for Effective Data Use using an elementary school example, specifically, Grade 6 achievement in Reading.  As a reminder, the Framework for Effective Data Use answers the following questions:

Step 1   What do you need to know ... about your school, classroom, students, etc?
Step 2   What data is available ... from this report tool to help answer your question?
Step 3   How do you get the data ... from the system in a form that you understand?
Step 4   What is the data telling you ... about the question you posed or a trend you notice?
Step 5   What other information do you need ... to complete the picture?
Step 6   What do you do with the information ... to support student success and school planning?




This workshop activity guides you through the Framework for Effective Data Use where the area of focus is Grade 6 achievement in reading.


Workshop Materials:



1. What Do You Need to Know?

How are my Grade 6 students achieving in reading this year?

2. What Data is Available?

Select Elementary Achievement Level Summary

  • 2008 - 2009 (Optional:  Select the current school year)
  • Term 3 (Optional:  Select the most recent term)
  • Subject - Strand (English - Reading)
  • Grade 6
  • Ensure that Current is selected

3.  How Do You Get the Data?

Log into the NYC Reporting Tool (Noel or YRDSB) using your ID and password to run the report above.

4. What is the Data Telling You?

Dig deeper and ask additional questions.

5. What Other Information Do You Need?

Consider if there are gender differences reflected in the data.  Ask:  Are the scores for my currently enrolled Grade 6 boys different than the scores for the girls?

Use what you know about what data is available and how you get the data, to retrieve this information.  Specifically, in the Main Report view, select the Gender drop-down menu and select the comparison Male vs. Female.

Don't stop there.  What other information would help to answer your original question and create a more comprehensive picture of your area of focus?

Ask:  What has happened over time with each group of students?  Did one of these groups of students have greater improvement over time?

Use what you know about what data is available and how you get the data, to retrieve this information.  Specifically, in the Parameter section, select the Gender drop-down and select Male only.  Look at the Trend section;  these trends reflect only the males because you selected this filter.

Males Table

 Repeat this process and change the filter option to Female only.

 Females Table

6. What Do You Do With the Information? 

To complete this workshop activity and address this question, please complete the Elementary Workshop Activity & Reflection Form.


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