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Framework for Effective Data Use - Step 3:  How do you get the data?

Step 3:  How do you get the data?

Class Profile Grade 4

Understanding the use of the History vs Current option

Elementary Learning Skills Overview

Secondary Achievement

Data 101 - Part 1 & Part 2 - Robert Dunn presents this introduction to using data in the school planning process

Report Catalogue - This section contains videos for how to run reports and interpret the results for the following:

  • Guided Activity:  Using Data Effectively
  • Guided Activities - NYC Video Resources
  • Video - Data Conversations - These videos contain footage of four principals discussing data. The conversations focus on a series of questions about data beginning with an introduction.
    1. Introduction
    2. How do we use this data effectively with staff to change classroom practice?
    3. To what extent does the data tell us a story about an at risk student you have targeted today?
    4. How do we use this data with our staff? This can be a threatening situation.  The data can show a student profile over a number of years. So how can we support staff and at the same time have the student benefit from the learning?
    5. After reviewing some of the functionality of the NYC reporting tool how do you think you can move towards targets in your school improvement plan?
      Which reports would you find useful for your school's specific needs?
    6. How do we narrow the focus when we think about the data?
      What techniques do we use to facilitate the conversation?
    7. An individual's story grows over time.  How do we engage our teachers in conversations around this, at different levels? How does that benefit the student and affect the instruction and the kinds of intervention along the way?

    2010 Compass for Success Conference Material

    • Preview
    • Opening Comments:  Russ Coles, Senior Manager of Computer Applications, YRDSB, Jack McMaster, Director of Education at KPDSB,  Robert Dunn, Superintendent of Education, YRDSB
    • Keynote Address:  Dr. Steven Katz
    • Presentation:  Robert Dunn, Superintendent of Education, YRDSB
    • Elementary Presentation:  Accessing, Understanding and Using Data to Inform School Planning and Embedding into Practice.  Presenters:  Doug Wilton and Lisa Jeremic - Elementary Principals, YRDSB
    • Presentation: What's New for Administrators and Teachers to Support Evidence Based Decision Making by Diane Findlay
    • Presentation:  NOEL's Oral Language Initiative with Carmel Crevola, Jack McMaster, Director of Education at KPDSB and Jeannie McMaster, NOEL Oral Language Coordinator.
    • Panel Session - Elementary and Secondary Principal Implementation at the System, School and Classroom Level
    • Closing Comments by Ken Thurston, Director, York Region District School Board
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