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    School Improvement Planning - Planning as a Network


    What does our examination of school level data within our Professional Learning Networks tell us about the overall impact that the school is having on current student achievement?

    This module will focus on the data and reflective questions to measure the impact of schools within Learning Networks.


    Module Materials:


     ASLN 45

    Assessing the Impact of our Work

     Net Plan Graphic 0

    Assessing the Impact - Five Year Trend Data

    Net Plan Graphic 1

     Five Year Trend Data - Literacy Score

     Net Plan Graphic 2a

    Five Year Trend - EQAO Reading

    Net Plan Graphic 3

    Five Year Trend - Focused Conversation

    Over the five years has there been:

    1. A shift in the number/percent of students at level 4, 3, 2 and 1?
    2. A shift in the number/percent of students exempt or not enough information to score?
    3. Would you describe this shift as increasing, remaining static, or declining over that period?

    Note:  we are looking at shifts across the entire range of the student population.

    Assessing the Impact - Cohort Data


    Net Plan Graphic 4

    Cohort Data - Grade 1 Report Card to Grade 3 EQAO Reading

    Net Plan Graphic 5



    This graph displays the change in achievement, but does not show whether some decline or not.

     Net Plan Graphic 6

    Cohort Data - Grade 3 to Grade 6 EQAO Reading

     Net Plan Graphic 7

    Cohort Data - Focused Conversation

    For each cohort, examine the shift in achievement during the period.

    1. For each of the cohorts, would you describe this shift as increasing, remaining static, or declining?
    2. What has the shift been for students who began below the standard; fewer, the same or more by the end of the period?
    3. What has the shift been for students who were achieving at the standard?  Are there more, the same, fewer?  Have those students shifted to level 4 or level 2?

    Cohort Data - Grade 6 EQAO to Grade 10 Credit Accumulation

     ASLN 40


    ASLN 40 comment


    Net Plan Graphic 8b


    In the 2008-09 year 91 students missed more than 20 days. Missing 20 days per year is a significant risk factor. It represents 14% of their students being at-risk.

    Net Plan Graphic 9

    You can see for the 2009-10 year, there were 68 students missing more than 20 days, a net improvement from the previous year of 28 students and a percent improvement of 4%. Whatever the school did to encourage regular attendance had an impact on 28 students, reducing their risk.

    Net Plan Graphic 11



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